《I Miss The Happy Times We Had As I Walked Alone On The Shoreline》歌詞:byArmand Tanzarian mp3歌詞

采樣來自電影 28 days later… (驚變28天)

… …………………………………………………….

But we’re here chained to a fucking radiator

because the OC has gone insane!

Starting the world again when the rest

of the world hasn’t even stopped.

Just imagine, just think about it.

How could lnfection cross the oceans?

How could it cross the mountains

and the rivers? lt can be stopped.

Right now TVs are playing

and planes are flying

and sky(???) the rest of the world

is continuing as fucking normal.

Think! Actually think about it.

What would you do

with a diseased little island?

They quarantined us.

There is no lnfection.

lt’s just people killing people.

He’s insane!


How did you know?

How did you know he was infected?

The blood.

There was blood on me. lt was on you.

l didn’t know he was infected.

He knew. l could see it in his face.

lf someone gets infected,

you’ve about 20 seconds to kill them.

lt might be your brother, your sister

or your oldest friend. lt makes no difference.

Just so you know where you stand,

if it happens to you, l’ll do it in a heartbeat.

He was full of plans.

Have you got any plans, Jim?

Do you want us to find a cure and

save the world orjust fall in love and fuck?

Plans are pointless.

Staying alive’s as good as it gets.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.