《Frustrations + Solutions》歌詞:byKilo Kish mp3歌詞

i need some candy

to restore my calmness

i’ve had some crazy

freak outs lately

i kicked all my shit

around my closet

nobody is coming

to tell me to stop it

my shoes they scuffed

my white walls

i punched my cupcake beanbag

yes, i have a cupcake beanbag

’til i fell tired and

embarrassed enough

and i was careless enough

feeling like a dick

picking it up again

feeling so much like a dick

just to pick it up again

feeling so so so so tired

of feeling so so so so dumb

i stomped and i screamed there

flinging ideas

straight down from the halls

like in a movie scene where

all of you watch behind a glass wall

i’m pacing back and fourth

exhausting myself

for my own gratification

to no one

embarrassing programming

and when i find the mess in the floor

temper tantrum over

reorganizing all that i tore

from life’s rightful order

i say i’ll learned some sort of lesson

when i felt dumb enough

to question


i wish that i could take it back

but where to start?

but where you at?

fucking up my photographs

i’m loosing it