《You039ve Got to Die for the Government》歌詞:byAntiFlag mp3歌詞

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You’ve gotta die, gotta die

gotta die for your government?

Die for your country? That’s shit!

ANTI-FLAG You’ve Got To Die For The Government LYRICS

There’s a Gulf War vet,

dying a slow, cold death

And the government says,

“We don’t know the source of his sickness.”

But don’t believe what they say,

because your government is lying

They’ve done it before

and don’t you know they’ll do it again

A secret test, government built virus

“Subject Test Group:

Gulf Battle Field Troops”

You’ve gotta die, gotta die,

First World War veterans slaughtered

by General Eisenhower

You give them your life

they give you a stab in the back

Radiation, agent orange,

tested on US souls

Guinea pigs for Western corporations

I never have, I never will

Pledge allegiance to their flag

You’re getting used

you’ll end up dead!

Die for your country?

That’s shit!

I don’t need you to tell me what to do

And I don’t need you to

tell me what to be… FUCK YOU!

I don’t need you to tell me what to say

tell me what to think!

What to think!

What to think, what to think

what to think, think, think, think!

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