《God Gave Me a Gun》歌詞:byAlive In Wild Paint mp3歌詞

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God gave me a gun – Alive In Wild Paint

God gave me a gun 上帝給了我一把槍

Said take everyone 說我可以

Standing in the way of what you really want 讓所有人都對我唯命是從

So I took his advice 因此我聽了他的話

Yeah, I never thought twice 我沒有一絲猶豫

Headed out to find 不斷前行

To find a Victim 尋找受害者

An if I never run 只要我沒有因耗盡彈藥

Out of ammunition而不得不立于戰火之外

I’ll just keep shooting 我就不會停止射擊

Cause I’m the only one 只因我是那個

That likes to see myself hurting 喜歡看自己傷害的人

God played me a song 上帝為我播了一首曲子

Said sing along 讓我也跟他齊唱

How fragile is the sound 可惜聲細如絲

When no one is around 當周圍沒有一個人的時候

You keep so damn confused 你是如此令人迷惑

By love you always lose 如那易逝的愛

But child it’s what you choose 但是,孩子,那是你自己選擇的

Lost and lying on the ground 失落,直至谷底

So I rose up and danced 于是我站起來跳舞

Like an angel with a broken body 像折翼天使一般

Eyes turning to glass 眼睛注視著玻璃窗外

To run the rain across my face 雨滑過我面頰

Streets held out their hands 街燈亮起,像伸出雙手

To lead me back to my sweet manger 帶領我回到那上帝誕生的圣地

And tuck me into my flesh 緊裹住我的身體

Where I woke up to an answered prayer 在那里,我成為一個祈禱者低聲吟誦著

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