《A Moment of Temporary Color》歌詞:byJackie Greene mp3歌詞

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The summer birds have flown off to find another home

I long to go but I am uninvited

I am a stranger here strangled by my every fear

The thoughts inside my head keep me divided

I can’t stand myself ’cause I feel like someone else

And I don’t mind

I can’t even tell if I’m sick or if I’m well

I just don’t

The purpose of my mission was to see the ocean

I have not seen the ocean or tasted the rain

If you will not let me land this airplane

Well, my mission will surely be in vain

I will smile someday about the melancholy gray

Swallows me

I will dream out loud among the color and the clouds

Where I’ll be

Everything we have in life will go away

I am afraid but I’m not the only one

I will leave the world and all I cannot stay

I am afraid but I’m not the only one


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