《Collage of June(Tribe to Jun)》歌詞:by Luvea Luvea mp3歌詞

Luvea:這首曲子是向我喜歡的NUJABES致敬,采用了LUV SIC PT3的旋律重新制作。

It’is the sense of touch.


In any real city you walk, you know?

you brush past people and people, Peoele bump into you

In L.A. noboday touches you.

we’re aways behind this metal and glass.

I tihink we miss that touch so much.

That we”Crash” into each other, just so we can feel something.

You guys ok?

I think he hit his head.

You don’t think that’s true? true? true?

She’s been my friend for ten years. ha. ha..

All right, honey. Feel better

I’ll be there soon

I love you,

I love you too.