《You Brought Me Up》歌詞:by Paor Spillane Karan Casey mp3歌詞

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You brought me up and out of the water

You brought me up to forget

I had ever been, I could ever breathe

In the water under your heart

I darkened your door and your days you said

You couldn’t sleep the night

With the sound of the sea hard on my heels

Climbing the stairs to your bed


You promised me gloves from the skins of the fishes

The smile of the dolphin for a ring in my hands

But you left me with nothing but a mouthful of air

And promises wide as the ocean

You left me down for once and for all

You left me out in the open

Under mackerel skies, high and dry

And out of the reach of our sea

Way out of reach and out of my depth

I wear your love like a skin

That hurts when anyone touches me

Where you left me down

For once and for all

Way out of reach of our sea

(Chorus / repeat first verse)


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