《Come Undone》歌詞:byDi Johnston mp3歌詞

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Your eyes are closed and I don’t wanna wake you


I won’t whisper in your ear


All the places that I wanna take you

When you’re finally here


These days alone have made me stronger


All these hours apart more brave… but


The truth is I am my own weakness


I am here for you to save


I can’t sleep without you


I’m coming undone


When I sleep without you

I’m tossing and turning all night


With my eyes open I lie thinking

As the dawn outside draws nigh


I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it


Wishing time would pass me by


So you’d be at my side


It’s the nightmares


I’m afraid of


Please help me know


That no matter


How far I am


Your soul won’t let mine go



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