《Noone039s Song》歌詞:by Freudenthaler Fools Garden mp3歌詞

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Here am I

sitting on wasted land

From above

maybe I’d understand

why the winds have changed

all my life

Only I’ve remained

Here you are

waiting for anything

When will you

get across to get in

All the lines have changed

After all

only you’ve remained

Where am I?

Wasn’t there anyone

passing by?

Hasn’t my life begun

in a world of change?

Slowly I

overcome the range

Now everything is strange,I hardly realised

that anything has changed

The world under my eyes

and all the pretty things

they stopped to be around

There’s nothing left, it seems

they’re buried in the ground

When everything is lost

beyond the endless skies

there’s everything to find

until the morning dies

‘Cause every step is change

with every single day

We leave the world behind

before we fade away

Life is so precious

don’t let them take it away


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