《Sometimes I Just Can039t Remember All The Things We Did Together (2000)》歌詞:byThe Pancakes mp3歌詞

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all those thick books that we read together

i burnt them cos i felt cold in the summer

the wind’s so strong it blew up all the pages

they flew round me, trapped me like three hundred cages

all those things we told each other

today i can’t remember any longer

i tried to turn my diary, get some memories

but in vain cos i don’t even remember your name

something in my mind

keeps me from knowing what’s inside

from time to time

i ask why

not because i wonder why

i wanna fly not because i have seen the blue sky

so many desires

for all the things we choose in our lives

do you have time to get tired

when you’re just a passer-by

it’s time to realise it’s all designed

all dishes we cooked together

they tasted sweet but now they’ve all gone bitter

still i keep them in my refrigerator

they stink so much but i eat them as appetizers

all those dreams we made together

like bubbles they flew up and burst in the air

once we were naive enough to chase after them

we used to fall but hey so what

we’re truly happy


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