《You039ve Got My Heart》歌詞:byAudrianna Cole mp3歌詞

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You’ve Got My Heart

Audrianna Cole

Don’t matter what you’re saying

Don’t matter what you do

My heart is yours for keeping

Do with it what you choose

And, my hearts not yours for beating

Even though it beats for you

A mistake I’m not repeating

A mistake I’m not repeating, no

I know I really got to let you go


But, you baby, you

You, you got my heart

Woah, yes you do

Don’t keep loose or misplace it

Don’t leave it all alone

Don’t beat it or berate it

Just treat it as your own

And, Even though it’s broken through

I’m still gonna live with you

And, what am I supposed to do

With a broken heart anyway



You’ve got my heart

Woah, yes you do

You’ve got my heart

Woah, yes you do


I know I really got to go



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