《Heart Break》歌詞:byLady Antebellum mp3歌詞

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I paint my lips red

I turn my own head

Don't need nobody's help

Zippin' up my own dress

Pay my own tab

With my own cash


Sometimes the word alone

Sounds like a sad song

But why's it gotta be

'Cuz what I really need

Is a reset and a deep breath


I think it's time to take a heart break out late solo on a Saturday night

Goin' out without a plus one, I'm done fallin' over pick-up lines

I'm single for the summer, I won't rebound, one lover to another, or be tied down

'Til I'm sleeping like a queen in the California king I make

I think it's time to take a heart break

I think it's time to take a heart break

It's just a little phase

Gimme a little space

You might see through it but I'm

Putting on a poker face

I'm giving love a rest between my ex and my next

Repeat Chorus

Love, I'm over you

It's long overdue

Repeat Chorus

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