《On The Plains》歌詞:by Alessi LaurentMarke Alessis Ark mp3歌詞

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On the plains

Well the wind blew in and it brought the news

but what could you do from there?

So you sat on the plain and you thought of the game

You lost

And it is hard to say what kept me going

when I don’t know what kept you gone

But when I love someone I trust their tongue.

I am young

I am dumb

And it hurt, ’cause you lied to her

we are a good, tight fit

we were sewn close knit but you’ve filled pages of your own

and there are still some stages that I’ve only been shown

I tried to make it better

Unsuccessful I guess

Title: Must have grown

When I’m in my room I am back in the womb

all my books and my bed have not moved

But now all of the songs have been sung

And now all of these sounds have been sown

O! By now I must have grown

with his iris on me, arrow pointed his bee

had to sting, crack cacoon, hum honey

In my bed it was not like the books

I don’t know what he meant by his looks.

O! By now I must’ve grown


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