《Nothing Like You (When You039re Gone)》歌詞:by Annika Norlin Hello Saferide mp3歌詞

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I swear: I felt it again

The tingling of the first night again

Us moving slowly, Merle Haggard, the fading sun

Well, there’s nothing like you when you’re gone

I wear your sweatshirt again

The one with the cast of Falcon Crest on

The one I forbade you to use time and again

Well it’s sad, I keep putting it on

A friend stopped by and said as quoted:

“I can’t believe that we’re here again

Have you forgotten the women, the drinking, the Blues of the Eighties collection

Oh my God, you’re wearing your Lorenzo Lamas again”


Yes, I am lonesome again!

Yes, I am crying again!

Yes, you are getting this letter again

Because there’s nothing like you when you’re gone

Never as tender and never as well dressed

Never as handsome and never as good in bed

Never had such good taste

Never as much like me

Well, there’s nothing like you when you’re gone


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