《Kids》專輯歌曲 Rich Brian 專輯介紹

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Rich Brian帶著《Kids》再次回歸,這是他備受期待的7月26日專輯《The Sailor》的第二首單曲。緊接著其史詩性首發《Yellow》 – 一部受到亞洲青年和世界各地移民故事啟發的紀錄式。這位19歲印度尼西亞說唱歌手與獲得格萊美獎的製作人Bekon和The Donuts(作品包括Kendrick Lamar的《DAMN》和SZA的《Garden》)以及Frank Dukes(作品包括Drake的《Fake Love》、Camila Cabello的《Havana》)合作製作《Kids》。為《The Sailor》建起舞台,《Kids》將是一個里程碑般的作品。你們將看到Rich Brian72段犀利饒舌,並傳遞著Brian給歌迷“無論你來自哪裡,每個人都可以成功”的箴言。

Rich Brian returns with “Kids”, the second single off his highly anticipated July 26th album, The Sailor. The track comes on the heels of the 19-year-old Indonesian rapper’s groundbreaking single “Yellow”, a cinematic record inspired by the stories of Asian youth and immigrants around the world. Produced in collaboration with Grammy-winning producers Bekon & The Donuts (Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.,” SZA’s “Garden”) and Frank Dukes (Drake’s “Fake Love”, Camila Cabello’s “Havana”) , “Kids” is a triumphant record that sets the stage for The Sailor and sees Rich Brian rapping for 72 straight bars, telling his fans that “everyone can make it, don’t matter where you’re from.”

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