《Imagine》歌詞:by KEY MP3歌詞

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I feel magic if I’m honest with myself
It’s like a magnet, I’d rather be here and nowhere else
Even in hard times, it’s the only way to keep it, keep it alive
I feel magic

It’s the magic X2

* Just imagine, so much magic
Show your heart to make it right
Keep you dancing through the night
Just imagine, so much magic
Shine your light into the night
Only love can give you life

** It’s the magic
Just imagine

I feel magic, even when I’m tired & overwhelmed
Just imagine, every heart in all the world
Pulling me right-side-up
Find a way to see through all this madness
I feel magic

* Repeat

** Repeat X2

Like a dream in every heart & mind
Or song we need to play just one more time
Tell the world just what you’re dreaming of
Tell ‘em all we really need is love, love, love

And if you just search with all your feeling
Feel it deep inside your soul
All the vibrations in the rhythm
Let it move you all night long
It’s that magic
New start with a new heart
With a new start, with a new heart

** Repeat X2

Gonna be magic
Got to imagine X4

It’s the magic


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