Gimmie My Respect Lil Yachty MP3歌詞

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《Gimmie My Respect》歌詞:

Had to muhfuckin’ turn the muhfuckin’ light off
That’s what I had to do
Uh-huh (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
30, you a fool for this one
You can turn the headphones up
Slime (Slime)
The whole gang slime (Slime)
Pull up a sauna, I’m fine (Fine)
Reach in the bag, grab the iron (Bop, bop, bop, bop)
Still rock the ice when I’m flyin’, uh (Ice)
If she ain’t fuckin’, she spyin’ (Fuckin’)
Niggas be hatin’ on gang (Gang)
Really just sound like they cryin’ (Bitch)
These niggas bit on the cap (Bitch)
Carl Ripley’s, I think they lyin’ (Cap)
These old niggas gettin’ washed (Huh)
They can buy every new watch
It still wouldn’t buy ’em more time (Gang)
I pick the drip, you get slimed, huh (Drip)
Don’t make the gang do a crime, huh (Drip)
Get em’ on cam like a Vine, huh (Drip)
Yeah nigga, you know what the fuck goin’ on
Niggas keep forgetting about who
Niggas keep forgetting about who goddamn
Started this muhfuckin’ new wave shit, bruh
Come on, man, give my respect, bitch
Yeah, smokin’ like hickory (Hick)
Stay with the stick for the trickery (Stick)
Pay my respect to keep taking the victories
Freddy went missin’, that shit was a mystery
Caught me a vibe, yeah a negative energy
Don’t be upset that I called you a mini-me
Keep me a Uzi, that shit be the minigun
Hunnid round clips, pop it right in the Tommy gun
My niggas shoot, they don’t do the octagon, yup
Spider drop out like Decepticon (Bitch)
Ride choker while you’re eatin’ dinner (Bah)
Dressed in a mask like it’s Comic Con (Ho)
Twelve came in the hotel room (Hoo)
I like to sleep with the palms (Shit)
Nut fill up to her gums (Shit)
All in her stomach like Tums (Shit)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said what I said
And I’m a eight-figure,
Muhfuckin’ twenty-one year old millionaire
Ain’t got no kids either
Ain’t no bitch gon’ trick me out my dollar
Ain’t takin’ care of none of
These dry-hair bitches with kids, nigga

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