《Shape of Love》歌詞:by Kaoru EVO+ mp3歌詞

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Will my shapeless feelings reach to your heart and veins?

Will our memories remain or be forgotten in this rain?

Skin on skin we’re entwining

Your voice and your breathing

Will this sin we make on this night of pain get us through another day?

Time is ticking away

I have to go yet you say:

“Just for today stay here with me…”

Those are some words I’ll never say

Once we walk out this room, no doubt

You and I won’t turn around

Our love is far away from being perfect,

but after every kiss I’m still waiting

For you again to pull me back into your arms

Kiss me over again like that

Leaving you? No, I can’t

If there’s a way to fill up

the distance between us,

maybe we don’t have to find

reasons to wave and say goodbye

For you I will keep holding still

Stay here and be with you

My wish never changes since I’ve met you

My world’s completed ever since I’m with you

For all the time right by my side

Even though I never ask you to love me but

you just light up my life

Count on my fingers to reminisce

all of the colors painted with my dearest

You’re my only longing dream

But when I hear your voice over the line,

In the middle of the night I just cannot reply

This pain inside

Your sugar talk’s deadly deception

I see it through have no expectations

For you and us

It’s over and done

I know it’ll never be enough to form an us

yet still want to believe…

You intrude into my heart

and breathe deeply into my memories

Our feelings in contrast to reality

but now this life within me

binding our destinies

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Guitar & Bass:Oji


English Lyrics:Mes


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