《Tough Times Ahead》歌詞:byJohn Mayall mp3歌詞

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the banks are closing daily

and the recessions coming back again

a depression like the 20s

with all the people crying out in pain

we got tough times ahead of us

and we just dont know who gets the blame

its hard to make a living

when the jobs are getting few and hard to find

we could do with a plan to steer us

to help us leave all this mess behind

we got tough times ahead now people

but we all gotta learn to walk that line

families losing hopes

so now they’re forced to change their ways

struggling hard to get by

and try to find any old job that pays

we got tough times ahead now people

but we’re hanging on for better days

*guitar solo*

the whole worlds in bad trouble

but we’re all looking for that rare hope

yeah we may be in big trouble

but in the past we found some way to cope

because in tough times we pull together

i will climb back up that shakey slope

*guitar solo 2*


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