《All My Lovers》歌詞:by Rosenthal Black Tape for a Blue Girl mp3歌詞

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All My Lovers – Black Tape For A Blue Girl

All my lovers

All my lovers

I’m above him looking into his eyes

Clutching him tight

He touches my hair, touches my breast

I feel him inside me

I devour him

All my lovers

My lovers help me brush away deception from my path

Back to a place where thoughts are pure

Nothing to hide

In his arms, the freedom I feel

I see clear to my soul

And I don’t love you less

Because of them

I don’t need you less

When I feel his caress

All my lovers

All my lovers

Some spend the night overanalyzing

But open your eyes

And look all around

Have you ever noticed

The beautiful things

Dancing right in front of you

swirling in the translucent light

just waiting for you to take one by her hand…

All my lovers

All my lovers

All my lovers

All my lovers


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