《Well You Left》歌詞:byRilo Kiley mp3歌詞

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Well you left

You had to move on

You finally gave it rest

You said you had to be strong

You bled all you could bleed

You didn’t get what you need

So tell the mutual friends, you went and walked out on me

And now the weather gets cold, but you can finally breathe

Seemed some things are going prefect

They helped you to make believe

I heard you found a new friend, someone else to hang on to

I hope he holds your hand, I heard he’s nice to talk to

But if the weather gets bad and you feel yourself fall for him

I’ll try not to feel satisfied

I’ll try and do what healthy people do

I wish the best for..

These are the days they remember you by

But it’s not what you say, but how you say it

Did you hear about Scott?

Did you hear that he’s gone?

He drowned right off the rocks

Sometimes the currents’ too strong

And he had friends with influence

And he had friends with influence

And he had friends with influence

And he had friends with influence yeah they knew him

You can see me there, at the top of the stairs

You’ll say we’re big on mutual respect, yeah

Because they’re peers

I finally found a way to block the sun, it’s not for everyone

These are the products of your parents, they grew up

Sun and the sun, and the sun, and the sun

So long, so long, so long, so long

You won’t last long, it’s dripping mud out here

They don’t care what we do, yeah we do

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