《New Way to Live》歌詞:byJoel Hanson mp3歌詞

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Arise, there’s a new way to live

Thought we were living

But that’s not what we’ve been

We’ve been breathing out

We’ve been breathing in

But the question remains

Have we ever truly lived?

There’s more than one way

A man can lose his life

Might have a heart beat

But nothing left inside

He prayed a prayer

Maybe bent a knee

But he never walked with Jesus

And he never got free


A woman too

Can know the death

That steals her soul

But not her breath

Her heart gets broken

And she grows hard

And in the mirror

She only sees the scars


Arise, little girl, Jesus said

“Take my hand

And get out of your bed

Come to life

You’ve been fast asleep

Come and live, come and follow me”



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