《Going North》歌詞:byMissy Higgins mp3歌詞

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I wanna dance the tango with chance

I wanna ride on the wire

Cuz nothing gets done with dust in your gun

And nobody respects a liar

So goodbye for a while I’m off to explore

Every boundary and every door

Yeah I’m going north

I wanna know where children would go

If they never learnt to be cool

Cos nothing’s achieved when pushed up a sleeve

Till nobody thinks you’re a fool

So goodbye for a while I’m out to learn more

About who I really was before

Yeah I’m going north

Up where the hunted hide with ease

Under the arms of eye-less trees

Up where the answers fall like leaves

Oh and your love is all I need

Yeah I’m going north

Lyrics by: LeelovesIris


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