《Piece of My Heart》歌詞:by Richie Wolfe Lionel Richie mp3歌詞

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歌名:Piece Of My Heart Lyrics

歌手:Lionel Richie


How could this happen, I don’t understand

Falling in love was just not in my plan

But I want you to know,

You just got a piece of my heart

I’ve been through the changes

I’ve walked through the pain

I’ve told myself I would never do this again

‘Cause love has been a stranger,

Love has been cruel

Lovin’s made me feel like the world’s one and only fool

And I promised myself I would never trust my heart again

I protected my feelings

I fought to be free

I can’t believe I would let this happen to me

But I want you to know

Tell me where did you come from

Tell me who sent you here

Whatever the reason, girl God made the message clear

‘Cause nobody else can make me feel the way that you do

I just gotta say

That the struggle is over

My story’s true, I finally realized

I want to spend my life with you

‘Cause you are the one that changed the way I feel

And I swear I know this time it’s real

Never in my lifetime, in my wildest dreams

Could I ever ever imagine the love that you brought to me

Just got a piece of my heart


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