《Waiting for the End》歌詞:by Linkin Park Linkin Park mp3歌詞

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This is not the end, this is not the beginning

Just a voice like a riot rocking every revision

But you listen through the tone and the violent rhythm and

Though the words sound steady, something empty’s within ’em

We say yeah / with fists flying up in the air

Like we’re holding onto something that’s invisible there

‘Cause we’re living at the mercy of the pain and fear

Until we dead it / forget it / let it all disappear

Waiting for the end to come / wishing I had strength to stand

This was not what I had planned

It’s out of my control

Flying at the speed of light / thoughts were spinning in my head

So many things were left unsaid

It’s hard to let you go

I know what it takes to move on

I know how it feels to lie

All I want to do is trade this life for something new

Holding on to what I haven’t got

Sitting in an empty room / Trying to forget the past

This was never meant to last

I wish it wasn’t so

What was left when that fire was gone

I thought it felt right but that right was wrong

All caught up in the eye of the storm

And trying to figure out what it’s like moving on

And I don’t even know what kind of things I said

My mouth kept moving and my mind went dead so

Picking up the pieces now where to begin

The hardest part of ending is starting again


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