《The River Flows Frozen》歌詞:by Altti Vetel?inen amp Antti Kokko amp Jarmo Puolakanaho Eternal Tears of Sorrow mp3歌詞

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Like frozen leaves

We are falling

On to the soil

So barren and cold

The rays of sun

No more warming

Our hearts now so cold

Through this field

Of the withered flowers

We go still one more time

The hidden beauty

Forever gone

The river’s frozen once again

So came this time

When moonlight blackened my heart

I can’t stand this pain

The chain is broken

It’s tearing open my scars

I want to feel the flame…again

The shine behind

The frozen stream

Reminds me of your eyes

The spark of hope

Still in my heart

Shall dreams become true under the ice


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