《Invinsible》歌詞:byPoisonblack mp3歌詞

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The vultures feasting on my carrion

See if they can pierce through the rust

They think there’s nothing to it but there’re too blind to see

I don’t need them to tell me who I am… not

I’d do it myself but I just cannot

And they think there’s nothing to it but they’re too cold to feel

There is no then only now

I wanna love but don’t know how

Fame and fortune – pain and torture

They’re the same


I’m only good at destroying braincells

The drunk robot I am

But that ain’t nothing, right – why’s the truth so hard to see

It’s wrapped in misery

Then along came you

The one who pierced right through

I thought there’s nothing to it but I am too cold to feel

I’ve got my misery

This misery hates company

You were right all along

I strongly advice you to turn around and go

I know there’s nothing to it and nothing’s all that will remain

Wee are the same


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