《Make You (Alex Astero amp Evan Sax Club Mix)》歌詞:byThomas Anders mp3歌詞

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Tonight, tonight, you ’ll be

One of th ebest int he world for me

Baby, come closer stay by my side

Gimme your light wich makes me so excited

You said you want me to

Spend all my time just in love with you

You say that I am the one

Who’s on your mind

Who’s your light

But your said it so many times

So many times I was strong

But I’m still alone.

You don’t wanna catch me falling….

Falling in love with your soul

I’m losing control

So let me jus hear you calling

I wanna make you , make you, make you

I wanna make you , make you mine

I wanna make you, make you,k make you

I wanna make you mine sometime

So many times

Mybe we shall jus dance


I wanna take the chance


M life was fake and gray

But today I just know there is a new way

What if I say the trouth

What If I ask you to be mine, too

What If I love you , and you

You said you do.

But I don’t think it’s true


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