《Blake Says》歌詞:byAmanda Palmer mp3歌詞

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Blake says no one ever really loved him

They just faked it to get money from the government

And Blake thinks angels grow when you plant angel dust

He shakes his head

And blinks his pretty eyes

But trust me

He’s no valentine

Though he said he would be mine

His heart is in Alaska all the time

Blake stays underwater for the most part

He collects loose change for All Tomorrow’s Parties

And when Blake dates girls with tattoos of the pyramids

He breaks their hearts

By saying it’s not permanent

But in his velvet mind

He believes with all his might

We’ll all go to Alaska when we die

Blake makes friends but only for a minute

He prefers the things he orders from the internet

And Blake’s been having trouble with his head again

He takes his pills

But never takes his medicine

He tells me that he’s fine

And the sad thing is: he’s right

And when it’s two O’clock it feels like nine

Blake says he is sorry he got through to me

If it’s okay he’ll call right back and talk to the machine

Blake says it looks like acid rain today

He takes the fish inside

He’s very kind that way

But just like Caroline

He doesn’t seem to mind

The globe is getting warmer all the time

It’s still cold in Alaska

It’s still cold in Alaska


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