《The Rain (Dance Soul Mix)》歌詞:bySamira mp3歌詞

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Tossing and turning another sleepless night

A rain crashes against my window pane


For the moment I knew I will never be the same

I saw you (and her) walking in the rain

(I saw you walking, I saw you walking)

You were holding hands and I will never be the same

Now here you are begging to me

To give a love another try

Boy I love you, well I always will

But darling right now I got to say good bye

– Hi baby. How was your day today?

– I love you honey, I want you babe.

– You missed me? Well, I missed you too… I missed you so much. Then I followed you today.

– What? You followed me?

– Yeah, that’s right. I saw you with that girl.

– What girl?

– Walking on the street, kissing her, holding her hand. And now you come back to me. No baby, get your butt out of here. I can see you no more


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