《Children Of The Grave》歌詞:byBlack Sabbath mp3歌詞

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Children Of The Grave – Black Sabbath

Revolution in their minds

the children start to march

Against the world in which they have to live

And all the hate thats in their hearts

They’re tired of being pushed around

And told just what to do

They’ll fight the world until they’ve won

And love comes flowing through yeah

Children of tomorrow live

in the tears that fall today

Will the sun rise up tomorrow

bringing peace in any way

Must the world live

in the shadow of atomic fear

Can they win the fight for

peace or will they disappear yeah

So you children of the world

Listen to what I say

If you want a better place to live in

Spread the words today

Show the world that love is still alive

You must be brave

Or you children of today are

Children of the grave, yeah

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