《Exuma The Obeah Man》歌詞:by Exuma Exuma mp3歌詞

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I came down on a lightning bolt,

nine months in my Mama’s belly

When I was born the midwife

screamed and shout

I had fire and brimstone

coming out of my mouth

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

Exuma was my name when I lived in the stars

Exuma was a planet that once lit Mars,

I’ve got the voice of many in my throat

The teeth of a frog and the tail of a goat

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

When I’ve got my big hat on my head

You know that I can raise the dead

When I got my stick in my hand

You know that I am The Obeah Man

If you got a woman and she ain’t happy

Come see me for camalame

Take that camalame and you make her some tea

and she will love you all the time

And when she got you running

like a train on a track

take some flour and you make some pap

that will give you strength in your back

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

I’ve sailed with Charon, day and night

I’ve walked with Hougaman, Hector Hippolite

Obeah, Obeah, Obeah, Obeah’s in me

I drank the water from the firery sea

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

Tony McKay was my given name

given on Cat island when my mother felt the pain.

Creatures of the Earth, Space, Sea, and Land,

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

I’m Exuma, I’m The Obeah Man

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