《Whole Lotta You》歌詞:byA Rocket to the Moon mp3歌詞

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Let's go out, get lit, get loose tonight

Sing a song, get wrong, make it feel alright

Drinks on ice

Stars in our eyes

Ain't got a lot of money

But you're a dime

Hey hey

All I need is a whole whole

Lot of you everyday day's

A holiday ain't nothing we can't do

Now all I need baby

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Is a little time

And a whole lot of you

Get me buzzed on your love

Lemme steal a kiss

Bubblegum on your tongue

No I can't resist

Gotta leave all your worries at the door

Cuz life ain't nothin but a big dance floor

Nobody wanna be alone, alone tonight

So come on baby take me home, home tonight

So come on and take me home

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