《We All Need Saving》歌詞:byJon McLaughlin mp3歌詞

Come on, come on

You have got to move on

This is not the you I know

This isn’t real

It’s just all you can feel

And that’s the way that feelings go

And whether or not it’s right or wrong

You’ll do what you will do


When the cloud in the sky starts to pour

And your life is just a storm you’re braving

Don’t tell yourself

You can’t lean on someone else

Cause we all need saving sometimes

Say what you

Will but the time that we fill

While we’re on the earth

Should not be alone

We were meant to be known

You make me what I’m worth

But I can’t keep you from yourself

You’ll do what you will do


I don’t know why it has to be this way and

I don’t know the cure

But please believe someone has felt this before