《Afterparty at Jimmy039s》歌詞:byAnya Marina mp3歌詞

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So I saw you at the fair, right?

With your odd school glasses and your bed-head hair

What a pretty little boy high-tops to match

Straight-laced with a sidelong grin

You had everyone laughing

Killed over, tears in their eyes

You’re like a warm-up act for the next big thing

You’ve brought everyone to watch

All the children around, don’t influence you

And you get a coke back for your scotch

Band play on, and the band played over

A couple of rollercoaster rides

Afterparty, afterparty at Jimmy’s

There’s a room upstairs

Oh yeah, no one even knows it’s there

Oh that’s good yeah, oh yeah

The lights will turn on in a minute

Oh yeah, ah, ha, ha, ha

So you say you got a band? Mmhmm

Three parts kinks, one part the jam

You got soul on stage, boy?

How ’bout soul in the sack? Who knows?

I got a mind to determine that band play on

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

Play on, play on, play on

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