《Pretty Maids All in a Row》歌詞:by Vitale Walsh Eagles mp3歌詞

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《pretty maids all in a row》

專輯名稱:Hotel California





Hi there,

How are ‘ya?

it’s been a long time

Seems like we’ve come a long way

My, but we learn so slow

and heroes, they come

and they go

and leave us behind as if

we’re supposed to know why

Why do we give up our hearts to the past?

and why must we grow up so fast?

And all you wishing well fools with your fortunes

someone should send you a rose with love from a friend,

it’s nice to hear from you again

And the storybook comes to a close

Gone are the ribbons and bows

Things to remember places to go

Pretty Maids all in a Row

Oh, oh oh, oh……


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