《Grace Kelly Blues》歌詞:by Everett Eels mp3歌詞

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The cut-rate mime walking through the dirty streets

Of paris in the hot august heat

Sun melting the fake smile away

Just looking for a place to stay

The actress gave up all her old dreams

And traded up now she is a queen

Royal families don’t have time for that shit

Your crystal ball – you keep it hid

The tractor-trailer driver radios:

Help me someone i’m out here all alone

Truck driving the black night away

Praying for the light of day

The kid in the mall works at hawt dawg on a stick

His hat is a funny shape his heart is a brick

Taking your order he will look away

He doesn’t have a thing to say

But me i’m feeling pretty good as of now

I’m not so sure when i got here or how

Sun melting the fake smile away

I think, you know, i’ll be okay

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