《Scabies》歌詞:by ARNZ BOBZIMMERMANN GERD LaFee mp3歌詞

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Lafee – Scabies

LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang


Friends forever you and I

We trust each other with our lives

All the way through thick and thin

from day one until the end

You’re like a sister to me

We fit each other to a tee

And everytime when things got rough

I was there to pick you up

And then you went ahead an took my man

I can’t believe you did

I just can’t understand

You even have the nerve to ask “hey, girl, whassup?”

You know what: I’m gonna fuck you up!

I wish you would have scabies

I wish you had a nail right through your head

The way you tried to play me

you deserve no other way

I wish your dirty ass would rot in hell

I am gonna make you pay

You were my one and only man

but you had to go inside her pants

Why can’t you just go away

I hate you guts, I hate your face

Funny, I still hear you say

“I’m yours forever and a day”

Oh yeah? The how come I just saw

you stick your tongue right down her throat?

You had to go ahead and bone my best friend

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