《Mr. Workabee (Intro)》歌詞:byPriscilla Renea mp3歌詞

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Priscilla Renea – Mr. Workabee

Hey Mr.Workabee

I See You Working

Do You Often Forget That You’Ve Got A Queen At Home?

Yes She Sits On Her Throne

But She Feels So Alone

&& Da Buzz Around Town Is U Creep Around So Wat Are U Workin On?

There Aint That Many Flowers In The Garden

So Wat Takes U From Dusk Till Dawn?

I Hate 2 Be All In Ur Beeswax,

But Im Only Looking At The Facts

&& It Wont Be Soon b4 Long

Someone Else Is Bringing Honey Home

I Wanna Belive Im Not That Nieve

Well Damn Dont Reality Sting

You Say U Feel Like I Dont Appriciate U

But I Swear Sweet Darling Yes I Do

I Juss Wish Dat U Aint Work So Late Ery Single Day

Especially Since Workabees Dont Pillinate Till May

Some One Else Is Brining Honey Home

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