《Patience》歌詞:by Shanks Take That Take That mp3歌詞

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Just have a little, patience

I’m still hurting from a love I lost,

I’m feeling your frustration,

Then maybe all the pain will stop,

Just don’t be close inside your arms tonight,

Don’t be to hard on my emotions


Cause I, need time,

My heart is numb has no feeling,

So while I’m still healing,

Just try and have a little patience,

I really wanna start over again,

I know u wanna be my salvation,

The one that I can always depend,

I’ll try to be strong, believe me,

I’m trying to move on,

It’s complicated but understand me,

Cause I need time,

Yeah, have a little patience, Yeah

Cause this scar runs so deep,

It’s been hard,

But I have to believe me,

Have a little patience,

Cause I, I just need time,

just try, and have a little patience,

So while I’m still healing

just try and have a little… patience

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