《You Are the Daybreak》歌詞:byKevin Devine mp3歌詞

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It’s going straight to my head

I think I’m falling in love again

Such simple miracles have happened

Since your steady hands have come

And stopped my unraveling

Your fingers, built for the piano

Work out the knots that line my back

The stress I’ve stored since last December

But now it doesn’t matter

I’ve learned to leave it in my past

And I feel good about the future

This clarity I’ve never had

You are the bounce in my step

The burst of blood in my chest

The prayer I’ve kept in my head

You are the knock of my knees

The swollen sound of each song

I scribble down and tear up

Because they never match up

You are the words I fumble for

In the morning, you are the daybreak

And I am glad

And at night, you are the dream

I fall asleep to have

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