《The Power》歌詞:by Brett Anderson Suede mp3歌詞

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Through endless Asia, through the fields of Cathay

or enslaved in pebble-dash grave with a kid on the way

If you’re far over Africa on the wings of youth

or if you’re down in some satellite town and there’s nothing you can do


無盡的亞洲 古老的中國



也許你遠在非洲 那片朝氣蓬勃的土地

要是你在衛星城 無所事事的消耗生命


Just give me, give me, give me the power

And I’ll make them bleed

Give me, give me the power

(Although I’m just the common breed)

給我力量吧 我會讓他們重獲新生

我會給他們血肉 即使我很普通

You might live in a screen kiss, it’s a glamorous dream

Or belong to a world that’s gone, it’s the English disease

你也許會為了銀幕上的一個吻輾轉反側 那是多么迷人的夢啊

或者你還留戀已經失去的世界 這也是我們一直為之心痛的事

But give me, give me the power

And I’ll make them bleed



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