《Show Her the Way》歌詞:by Bolton Eastmond Michael Bolton mp3歌詞

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You cant deny it

When that once in your life

Comes that one of a kind

Once shes inside it

She can shake up your heart

She can make up your mind

Everything in your life will change

When your love is your best friend

My advice to you is make no mistake

If ya never want this feelin to end

Show her the way she makes you love her

Show her the way she makes you feel

Let your emotions roll like thunder

You gotta let her know

Youll never let her go

Show her the way

Now love is for dreamers

Funny thing about dreams

Any moment theyre gone

And love is the teacher

About makin it last, about keepin it strong

Promise the moon and stars

Swear the best is yet to come

But promises are not what it takes

To keep the flame forever young

&&^multiple ‘ without ‘ error!, ignoring^&&

All you really need to show

Is everything she needs to know

Show her, gotta show her, just show her the way(x3)

Show her the way

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