《Pajama Party》歌詞:bySwimming With Dolphins mp3歌詞

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When you just can’t sleep

And you’re sick of counting the sheep

The sunlight in your head

Just won’t let you put the days to bed

Pick a place to meet

In pajamas and bare feet

On a moonlit street

Move me to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Oh, the places we could go

Chicago, New York, and Toronto

And if it starts to snow

We can hop a train to Mexico

Where we’ll sleep on the beach

With blankets made of leaves from palm trees

And we’ll say “Let’s never leave”

And that’s when I’ll feel the sun creeping up on me

I’ll always wake up so confused

Each time I have that dream of you

So if you dreamt of me, too

Does that mean we dreamt the same dream

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