《Far Too Fast》歌詞:byThe Pancakes mp3歌詞

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歌名: Far Too Fast

演唱: The Pancakes


作曲: The Pancakes,編曲: The Pancakes

監製: ,填詞: The Pancakes

i was on my way to my jet

and i met someone whom i will never forget

i drove my jet back to my flat

but i kept thinking of the face under the hat

na na……

you know i’d like to try it out

but not today

i’m riding in your car but you’re driving bit too fast

we miss a lot of lovely faces

are you gonna slow down so that

we’re not faster than sound so that

we can take a look at the places around

honey you know that it’s not easy

to reach the airport amsterdam

and catch the flight in time

we’re gonna miss the plane

so why don’t we just sit down

taste a coffee for a change

on and on we sang stupid songs

but i discovered that

you sang all the songs wrong

this journey was fun but too long

we’re out of gas

how can we get back to hong kong

what else can we do except pretending to be cool

oh how i wish we’d followed the rules

you know i’d like a lemonade but not today

you know i’d like a cup of tea

but not for me

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