《Smokey Taboo》歌詞:byCocoRosie mp3歌詞

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They call you smokey taboo

I got your name tatooed

High like a helium balloon

Midnight to noon

I’m a desert child

And nuns make me nauseous

I like to look up wild

At an infinite sky

Twinkling with diamonds

It’s true

I get depressed in fancy hotel rooms


With nothing to flaunt but my lonelyness

Thinking of the night song of your head

Premature as evening falls across to me

Interrupted by the syrinx in the streets

Cristal Heaven


You’re like an anchor on my heart they say

The stove and water taste sweet

more like rotten milk and rancid meat to me

I prefers when it is free

Like looking at the stars

Don’t need no fancy cars

When they first

Our kisses sparked

Yeah i’m afraid of sharks

But not the dyke

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