《Love You Tomorrow》歌詞:byArticle One mp3歌詞

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Article One – Love You Tomorrow

LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

I’m lonely tonight

We’re miles apart but sitting side by side

Things aren’t right

And doubts are running through my mind

The stories unfold

Can even the truest of love grow cold

Cause when we’re alone

It seems I’m not worth holding onto

There’s nothing worse than watching someone ’bout to fall apart

How it hurts to watch this

I wish you could know my heart for you would never change

And I swear to you, yeah

If fires burn through our lives and left us nothing

Took away all we had made and had our hopes in

Whatever comes, if it be joy or sorrow

I promise you that I will love you tomorrow

I will love you tomorrow

So what will it take

To rescue a heart that’s about to break

Is it too late

We’ll fall in love or fall apart

If there’s something that was said that started all of this

I never meant it

Cause there’s nothing in the world that can compare to us

And I swear to you

Whatever come, if it be joy or sorrow

When love grows cold

I can feel it in the changing tide

Can love take hold

Is there any way to change your mind

If good intentions stood for something we’d be fine on this

And I swear to you that

Whatever comes through all the joy or sorrow

Took away all we had made and put our hopes in

I still love you tomorrow

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