《Soup Song》歌詞:by TarcovNaomu Fuse NaomiGoro mp3歌詞

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Think of fresh bread the smell of wheat fields

Oh,melting of butter and my heart

A piece of bread dipped into the potage

Beyond the steam from my cup

Carrot,potato.broccoli.parsley,celery,olive oil and basil

How is this potage of a few vegetables

And a homegrown carrot?

Just a little one but stirring this little one i stew and stew my potage

Fresh ginger,mint and thyme,mushrooms,rosemary,cups of water

On the sunny side of a tree-lined boulevard

On the way to market while humming

A gingko leaf is a squirrel`s folding fan i pick up these nuts like jewelry

Lights from the sun red leaf a piece of cumulus migrating birds Robert Wyatt

A stone image,a big tree,October my tarnished blue beetle is waiting

Fresh ginger,mint and thyme,mushrooms,rosemary,cups of water

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