《Paperweight》歌詞:bySoundtrack mp3歌詞

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Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisj-Paperweight

Been up all night staring at you

wondering what’s on your mind

i’ve been this way with so many before

but this feels like the first time

you want the sunrise to go back to bed

i want to make you laugh

mess up my bed with me

kick off the covers i’m waiting

every word you say i think

i should write down

don’t want to forget come daylight

happy to lay here

just happy to lbe here

i’m happy to know you

play me a song

your newest one

please leave your taste on my tongue

paperweight on my back

cover me like a blanket

and no need to worry that’s wastin time

and no need to wonder

what’s been on my mind

it’s you

it’s you it’s you

and i give up

i let you win

you win cause i’m not counting

you made it back

to sleep again

wonder what you’re dreaming

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