《Gypsy Eyes》歌詞:by Hendrix The Jimi Hendrix Experience mp3歌詞

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Well i realise that i‘ve been hypnotised.

I love you gypsy eyes.

I love you gypsy eyes. well alright.

Way up in my tree I'm sitting by the fire

wondring where in this world might you be,

and knowin all the times youre still roamin the country side.

do you still think about me? oh my.


Well I walk right on up to your rebel roadside,

the one that rambles on for a million miles.

yes, I walk down this road

searchin for your love and ah my soul too.

when i find ya i aint gonna let go.

I remember the first time i saw you.

the tears in your eyes looked like theys tryin to say.

oh little boy, you know i could love you

but first i must make my get away.

two strange men fightin to the death over me today.

ill try to meet cha by the old highway. hey!

Well I realise that ive been hypnotised.

i love you gypsy eyes. i love you gypsy eyes.

i love you gypsy eyes. i love you gypsy eyes.

well, alright.

I been searchin so long my feet have made me lose the battle.

dow against the road my weary knees they got me

oh, to the side i fall but i have a sweet call.

my gypsy eyes is comin and i been saved.

oh, i been saved.

thats why i love you.

said i love you. hey!

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